Speck BADU Combi 4 Unit

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Speck BADU Combi 4 Unit

R 10,293.00 ex. Vat

AQUASWIM sand filter with BADU Porpoise self-priming pool pump.

Complete with 1.1kw pool pump. 4 bag sand filter. Electrical db. Box with 12v transformer and timer with plug socket. All in one unit with weather cover.

 The BADU Combi unit is a pre-fabricated filtration system ready to install.  It consists of AQUASWIM range of sand filter, BADU Porpoise range of self-priming pump, three-piece high quality housing and a fully integrated DB box.  The size of your swimming pool determines the required BADU®Combi.

 The BADU Porpoise range of pumps remains unsurpassed in its quality of material, workmanship and functional durability.  The AQUASWIM range of sand filters is strong, reliable and simple to operate.

For total dynamic head (m) and water flow rate (Q in m³) for the BADU Combi unit,  please see performance curves on the BADU Porpoise range of pumps and AQUASWIM range of filters.

 The BADU Combi range is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions carries a 24 month ex-factory warranty on the pump; filter tank, multiport valve and internal parts from date of purchase

Motor speed approx. (rmp)   2840

Max. Water temperature (°C)   60

Max. Casing pressure (bar)   2.5


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