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We offer an array of services such as Fiberglass Swimming Pool Linings to existing swimming pools such as Gunite Pools and Old Fibreglass Swimming Pools, New Swimming Pool Installations and we Laminate Newly Built Swimming Pools with Fibreglass linings , Custom Built Water Features, Paving and Fiberglass renovations. We are now also an online retailer which supplies only the best and most modern pool products/accessories to our clients.

With many years of hands-on experience with different products, Silver Pools has come to use only the best products in pool care.


  • Fiberglass renovations(Fibreglass lining and relining)
    This is our main line of work. Fibre-glassing your new or existing Gunite, concrete or fiberglass swimming pool whilst offering superior service and top quality ISO resins and Pool Coats. All products used are SABS approved.Our trained and experienced staff have the necessary skills to ensure a top quality finish. Renovating your pool takes about 7 working days from start to finish, allowing for 3 days to set before refilling with water.

    We now offer water storage up to 230 000l at a time using portable water storage water bladders.

    In addition to the fiberglass pool renovations, we offer paving solutions and built in stainless steel water features. With such a renovation we include all products and rubble removal.

    We ensure the quality of our pool solution product with a 5-year guarantee against fiberglass lining delamination, 2-year guarantee on all other workmanship and paving. We take after sales service very serious to give our customers peace of mind and the best solution is fibreglass pool care and we are constantly improving to provide the best service in the industry.

  • New pool installations.
    We construct custom build swimming pools using expert builders and engineers. We build to engineer specification using ROK bricks, Steel reinforcement with a concrete cavity and finish off with a fiberglass surface with Ceramic or Fibreglass mosaics.Fibreglass:
    We install pre-casted fiberglass pools and have a range of modern shapes and sizes to match your requirements. Our installation method is of a high standard using 8:1 ratio of sand and cement for the backfill support and a 10-year guarantee on the installation.
  • Koi Ponds
    We construct custom built Koi ponds using the same method as our built swimming pools and finish off with a fiberglass surface. We use the latest filtration technology for clean water such as Bio Filters, Ultra Violet lighting, LED Lighting, Koi Sand Filters and Venturi’s.
  • Fiberglass and ceramic mosaics
    We supply and install an array of Ceramic and fiberglass pool mosaics when renovating your swimming pool or if it’s just to uplift the image of your existing swimming pool without draining the entire swimming pool.
  • Solar heating and heater pumps
    We supply and install superior quality heat pumps and solar heating systems. These heating products can be added to any existing swimming pool.
  • Custom built water features
    We construct the design of your choice with stainless steel water spouts and finish off with rock cladding. Water features have become very popular
  • Pumps, Filters and Salt Chlorinators
    We supply and install only quality products for your swimming pools filtration such as Variable Speed Pumps, Hi Flow Rate Sand Filters and much more.
  • Stainless Steel Pool Accessories
    Our stainless steel pool products are made from 316 Grade Stainless steel with 2mm thickness and range from Stainless Steel Water Spouts, Stainless Aimflow NANO Lighting, Stainless Steel Suction and Airflow fittings, Stainless Steel Auto Fillers, Stainless steel Face-plates, Stainless steel ladders and rails and Stainless Steel Sand Filters and much more. Our product design and quality compete on an international scale surpassing many of the industry leaders.  Please see our product page for all pool accessories and equipment.
  • Skimmer boxes, inlet jets, and pipe installations
    We also include the plumbing of all underground and above ground swimming pool pipe systems using a high-quality u-PVC pipe or flexible u-PVC pipe with quality PVC adhesives.
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